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 A book is not an isolated being: it is a relationship, an axis of innumerable relationships





Ewords is an independent publishing company based in Italy and born after a long experience of its founders in the field of scientific research.

We think that science and its ideas have to be a part of the culture of our society. We want to provide a home for scholarly publishing and scientific divulgation using digital supports by which readers can experience science content in a totally new way. 

To be part of the flow of knowledge and information the content of scientific books can  no longer be locked on paper and stored in libraries, it has to be connected with world.

The content is enganging and dynamic: an enhanced ebook includes interactive quizzes, digital pictures, videos, interactive learning materials, music, sound effects, simulations, interactive animations that support the reading and allow to express the questions and the results of research more clearly and easy to understand. It includes higly developed search functions, links to both internal and internet resources and links to the relevant scientific data published on the web. An enhanced ebook is not  simply the digital edition of a printed book: it can be a hub in the network of knowledge and it is projected and realized to be read by any mobile system everywhere and when readers want.

By an enhanced ebook a reader can experience everything a book can be: it allows for immersion experience at the crossroads between author's creativity and the innumerable relationships that reader can create.

We publish ebooks and enhanced ebooks across the sciences, humanities and social sciences that present the results of the research,  conference proceedings and  which explain the wonder of science and scientific discovery to a broad general audience.